Tring Wellbeing Community’s Pop Up Cafes

In November, we launched our very first TWC pop up Menopause café at Jack and Alice Tring. The idea was for women to meet in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, downstairs in Jack and Alice, to  share stories, glean advice for our Wellbeing experts and to support each other over a chat and glass of wine!

We arranged for several of our health and wellbeing experts to say a few words about how their disciplines can support women during the menopause and were on hand for you to pick their brains for advice, tips, guidance and for therapy bookings.

It was a huge success with around 30 women attending!

Feedback was to have more cafes on a regular basis covering a range of emotive topics: the menopause, parenting, relationships, derepssio and anxiety, loss.

So watch this space!

Experts Present Were:

1. Angella Wagner – Pilates
2.Clare Crichton – Counselling
3.Helen O’Sullivan – Homeopathy
4.Kate Atkinson – Yoga
5.Kim Harries – Counselling
6.Margaret Montgomery – Bates Eye Method
7.Marina Swain – Beauty & Holistic Therapies
8.Penny Doyle – Nutrition
9.Philippa Taylor – Sleep, Energy & The Menopause
10. Rachel Friedli – Weleda Advisor
11. Rachel Weber – Energy Healing
12. Jan Murphy – Shiatsu
13. Karen Lem – Nordic Walking