Tring Wellbeing Community’s First Pop Up Menopause Café

On Tuesday 13th November we held our first pop up cafe at Jack & Alice 50 High Street Tring . In the spirit of community and in enabling women to do what they do best, Tring Wellbeing hosted a Pop up Menopause Café where women had the opportunity to speak out about their experiences of the menopause, shared stories and supported each other in a relaxed friendly environment.

I think we would all agree that amongst the general population in our culture, where youth is prized and celebrated, menopause is taboo, a dirty word and something to be shied away from. Despite the fact that each and every woman will go through this life stage – a real a hormonal change and as disruptive as puberty! – when the time comes, she will probably be suffering in silence, soldiering on both at home and at work, with little or no support.

Menopause isn’t just night sweats, dry vaginas or achy joints. Each woman’s symptoms are as unique and as individual as she is, far from textbook or fitting into a diagnostic criteria! For some women, menopause represents rejuvenation, a new lease of life, a time for reflection and revaluation of her life goals and purpose, a time when she is free to be herself, to live life for herself and to develop and grow as a person.

For others, it couldn’t come at a worse time. A time when she is at the peak of her career, she finds herslf taking on more responsibility, managing major life transitions, as her family flee the nest or become frail and instead of feeling on top of her game, she is feeling exhausted and way below par. Her sleep is disrupted, her body no longer feels her own, her sex drive diminishes, sleep becomes an obsession, her moods are low and life becomes a chore, a constant struggle.

Tring Wellbeing is mindful that every woman experiences the menopause in a way that is unique to her and recognises that entering the menopause can have has a huge impact on daily life. However, with support and guidance, Menopause can be a time of transition and growth.

TWC experts who were present

  1. Angella Wagner – Pilates
  2. Clare Crichton – Counselling
  3. Helen O’Sullivan – Homeopathy
  4. Kate Atkinson – Yoga
  5. Kim Harries – Counselling
  6. Margaret Montgomery – Bates Eye Method
  7. Marina Swain – Beauty & Holistic Therapies
  8. Penny Doyle – Nutrition
  9. Philippa Taylor – Bio Hacking and Nutrigenomics
  10. Rachel Friedli – Weleda Advisor
  11. Rachel Weber – Energy Healing
  12. Jan Murphy – Shiatsu
  13. Karen Lem – Nordic Walking

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